Low – The Innocents

I was a latecomer to Low: I only really started paying attention around the release of Double Negative, but I would now consider myself a huge fan, not just of their music, but of Alan and Mimi themselves. From afar they seemed like decent, loving, compassionate people, and from what I’ve read from those who knew them well, this was all true. Their music is extraordinary, like nothing else out there, and I was so sad to learn of Mimi’s death yesterday.

This is one of my favourite songs of theirs, and exemplifies everything I love about Low. Crunchy, bleak and foreboding but also – possibly – quietly hopeful, and one on which Mimi’s vocal takes centre stage and is pushed to its emotional limits. Together, they have delivered some utterly timeless, genuinely phenomenal music that will never be forgotten, and she will be greatly missed by many.