The Predatory Wasp

Cate Le Bon – Typical Love

Cate Le Bon’s Pompeii is one of the finest albums of 2022 so far, and Typical Love is the first new material the Welsh artist has put out since its release. Following in a similarly idiosyncratic vein as her previous work, it’s another low-key, art-pop gem, and is the product of “a rare jam session […]

Blood Orange – Relax and Run feat. Erika de Casier, Eva Tolkin

If anything it’s surprising it’s taken Devote Hynes and Erika de Casier this long to collaborate, so perfectly do they compliment one another. Taken from the new Blood Orange EP Four Songs, Relax and Run is so ruthlessly up my street I was worried about its potential to underwhelm, but thankfully it’s everything I need […]

Mads Kinnerup – Morph

Apologies for my recent absence (you noticed, right?) I was enjoying some post-birthday seaside celebrations and was way too busy pretending I’m rich to waste my time with music! Anyway, here’s some glorious Aphex-adjacent weirdness from Mads Kinnerup – the first single from his forthcoming album Interpolation – by way of an apology.

Pr0files – Van Gogh

As has already been established, I’m a sucker for an 80s synth alongside lyrics with even the merest hint of unrequited yearning. And if it could conceivably soundtrack a film where someone tears a beaten up old car across an impressive vista, tears streaming down their cheeks, then all the better. Oh, and: the band […]

Micah Frank & Chet Doxa – Ave Maria (feat. Mary Lattimore)

This is the lead single from Micah Frank and Chet Doxas’s forthcoming LP The Music of Hildegard von Bingen Part 1, which lands in November. Ave Maria combines a masterful harp performance from Mary Lattimore with Doxas’s meandering woodwind, gently billowing electronics and the late addition of a softly pulsing kick drum. Deep chill.

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