The Predatory Wasp

Nu Genea – Gelbi

Taken from the new Bar Mediterraneo album by Italo-funk duo Nu Genea, Gelbi is a sparkling, effervescent delight, tripping merrily along on a rich, warm bassline with shiny synths and soaring vocals – performed by Marzouk Mejiri in their Tunisian dialect – keeping the pool party a poppin’.

Mary Lattimore and Paul Sukeena – This Time Juliane Landed Softly

Press releases are usually at best informative and at worst a complete waste to everyone’s time. However the one for Mary Lattimore and Paul Sukeena’s new collaborative album West Kensington struck me as particularly well-penned, so here’s an excerpt that does a better job of evoking its strange and beautiful atmosphere better than I could. […]


It seems to be taking me increasingly longer to decide whether I really like an album or not. Very rarely is that decision made after the first listen, and sometimes entire years can go by. For example: I recently went back to Caroline Polachek’s 2019 album Pang after giving it a good half a dozen […]

Bas Dobbelaer – Diversion

Despite their being an absolute ton of great new music out today, I’m choosing to share this track from 2020 as I’ve only just heard it and its blowing my tiny little mind. This is pretty much how I want all electronic music to sound: moody, atmospheric, sparse, beautiful. And yes, I have been listening […]

Bad Flamingo – Rolling Around In It

I absolutely love Bad Flamingo’s entire vibe. From having bascially no information out there about them, to putting random Oscar Wilde quotes out with their songs where a press release would usually go (in this case: “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth”). Everything about them screams “we honestly don’t […]

Kendrick Lamar – Silent Hill feat. Kodak Black

I find myself in the minority whenever the subject of Kendrick Lamar is raised. Either people have never heard of him (legitimate) or they are somewhere on the scale between quietly impressed to completely and utterly obsessed. Like, no-one says “Yeah, he’s decent. Some bangers, but I’m not actually that into him”. That’s pretty much […]

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