The Predatory Wasp

Jenny Hval – Year Of Love

Year Of Love is the second single to be released from Jenny Hval’s forthcoming album Classic Objects – her first studio album for 4AD. The song explores a “very troubling” experience she had of witnessing a marriage proposal at one of her performances. Plenty of artists, I’m sure, would have experienced this as a purely […]

Orlando Weeks – No End To Love

A couple of years ago I went to see ‘A Celebration of Talk Talk and Mark Hollis’ in London: a hastily thrown together live show following the death of Hollis earlier that year, with various singers stepping into their iconic frontman and creative driving force’s shoes. It was patchy to say the least, and the […]

Molly Nilsson – Avoid Heaven

One of the many things I love about Molly Nilsson’s music is how completely effortless it seems. Her DIY aesthetic makes it both approachable and relatable, almost as if we could all be banging out rich, emotional tunes if we just erased screentime from our lives and actually put our minds to it, as far-fetched […]

DJ Python – Angel

DJ Python moves from the dark, claustrophobic polyrhythms that made 2020’s Mas Amable such a moody delight towards something far more warm-hearted and accessible with latest single Angel, a gentle 10 minute opus that skips merrily along on a broken beat, shards of sunlight glinting hazily off its soft corners and buoyant chords: perfect for […]

claire rousay, more eaze – same

claire rousay’s 2021 album a softer focus was one I regularly returned to throughout the year, usually first thing in the morning when it’s gentle melodies and evocative field recordings would make me feel infinitely better about whatever mundane task I was faced with. On same she’s teamed up with more eaze for something altogether […]

MaisoTiff, Rival Consoles, Ben Lukas Boysen – EVASION

I’ve realised that pretty much every track I’ve posted this year has been quite intense and possibly a little on the miserable side, so here’s a light and breezy number to make you think you’re sipping mojitos on a beach. I’m not quite sure how it took three producers to make this, and what they […]

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