The Predatory Wasp

serpentwithfeet – Down Nuh River

I’m not sure serpentwithfeet can really be classed an ‘underrated’ given all the plaudits he regularly attracts, but I still don’t think he’s quite given as much due as perhaps he deserves. His output this year has been truly remarkable – DEACON is unquestionably one of the best albums of the year – and he […]

Suzanne Ciani – Morning Spring

There’s something overwhelmingly tangible about the trickling synth lines that dominate Suzanne Ciani’s new single, as if you could reach into your speakers and feel them drop, delicately and unpredictably upon your outstretched fingers. This, along with another, equally brilliant track from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, are the lead singles from a forthcoming 30-track ambient compilation […]

Soshi Takeda – Floating Mountains

The elevator pitch for Tokyo producer Soshi Takeda’s new album Floating Mountains was probably “Mr Fingers-era deep house meets floaty new-age noodling”, and as undeniably shit as that sounds it’s entirely accurate while completely underselling what is an incredibly enjoyable collection of tracks. Yes, the basslines might be fairly predictable at times and it’s certainly […]

Topdown Dialectic – A1

The third LP from the anonymous electronic producer was a welcome surprise drop today. If you’re not familiar with their work, the two previous albums consisted of murky dub techno – every track exactly five minutes long, a theme that continues here – that while not exactly ripe for the dancefloor, still held into some […]

LEHNBERG – Junjamin Jaganepa

I honestly struggle to write about drone tracks in any meaningful way other than variations of “this is overwhelmingly beautiful/dark/powerful”, and the same goes for this brilliant 8 minute piece from Swedish composer LEHNBERG, so just listen to it and let it completely take you away from whatever mundane task you’re likely caught up in. […]

Raelle – Wake Up Sunshine

London-based Raelle is part of an ever-growing Neo soul scene in the UK; an artist whose music is heavily influenced with the 70s soul she grew up with. Her debut single was only released back in 2o20, but Wake Up Sunshine – the title track from her new EP – already seems to be something […]

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