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One Track Mind: Bad Flamingo

The US duo sing the praises of a Scott Joplin classic.

The premise of One Track Mind is pretty simple: I ask artists to pick one track that means a lot to them – either something they’ve discovered recently, something that’s been with them for years, or one that reminds them of a specific time in their life or career – and tell me what makes it so special to them. I get to talk to the artists I love, and they get to talk about the artists they love. Love all round!

US duo Bad Flamingo are without doubt one of my favourite musical discoveries of the last couple of years. Swaggeringly cool and pretty much anonymous online, they make sleazy, sweaty, dusty tracks that swing between alternative rock, country and something altogether less easily defined. Their latest run of singles has been faultless, and hopefully they will be following up their brilliantly titled 2018 album I Said A Prayer Twice for Both My Faces very soon.

For their One Track Mind selection, Bad Flamingo paint a typically vivid picture about their time with a track by American composer and pianist Scott Joplin.

Bad Flamingo on Scott Joplin – The Entertainer

“103 degree hisses and crackles. Sweat rolling down necks. From Barstow to Calico to Vegas. Dust devils sandblast the paint off the car and we like it better. Sliding soda bottles at the bar of the ghost town. Cheating even with a good hand. Starting the days late and ending em late enough to watch the marble get polished at the wrong hotel.

“We got our tintype. We got our smashed penny. We left with less than we started with. But when you like it. You do it again.

“The Entertainer on repeat.

“Play it slow when the night is rotten, fast when it’s golden”

Bad Flamingo The Fifth Of June is out now