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One Track Mind: Me Lost Me

The Newcastle-based musician talks about the emotional impact of Joanna Newsom’s work

The premise of One Track Mind is pretty simple: I ask artists to pick one track that means a lot to them – either something they’ve discovered recently, something that’s been with them for years, or one that reminds them of a specific time in their life or career – and tell me what makes it so special to them. I get to talk to the artists I love, and they get to talk about the artists they love. Love all round!

Next up on the series is Me Lost Me, who released her latest album The Good Noise in November. It’s a fantastic piece of music, and ranges from meandering, folky ballads to soaring, ethereal pop, many of which are pinned together with crisp and precise drum programming, shot through with a dreamy and completely unique atmosphere. It’s just brilliant, and if you happen to be in the area we massively recommended checking out one of her upcoming (fingers crossed) live shows, as her recent stream was one of my personal lockdown highlights.

For her selection she’s picked out the opening track to Joanna Newsom’s 2015 album Divers, and discusses the multitude of arguably conflicting emotions it stirs within her.

Joanna Newsom – Anecdotes

“I am a big album listener and I tend to get obsessed with the whole thing without particular songs standing out above the rest. Joanna Newsom’s Divers saw me through a time of big changes in my life – self exploration, dealing with grief, living abroad, and the reason I chose the opening track ‘Anecdotes’ to focus on here is that the second I hear that first few bars, I absolutely crumble. Not in a bad way, I feel suddenly full of excitement, wonder, and also sadness and melancholy, but this whole album for me is drenched with emotion and I feel it so strongly even four years later.

“There are points throughout that absolutely rip my heart out lyrically, and the grand baroque arrangements throughout just send me absolutely spinning in this world she creates. Normally I’m a sucker for really simple arrangements and pared back stuff, but I just love the romantic painterly way this album is constructed. I think it is the most completely transported I’ve ever been by a record, and that feeling hasn’t dulled with time.”

Me Lost Me’s album The Good Noise is out now