Christian Löffler – Pastoral

I’ve been a big fan of Christian Löffler’s particular strain of electronic music for some time now, especially his 2012 debut A Forest and 2016’s excellent Mare, both of which are considered, completely absorbing bodies of work, mostly consisting of melodic and atmospheric house music that sounds like it’s been teased up from the earth rather than constructed on anything as rigidly mechanical as a synthesiser. For his latest single, Pastoral, he’s done away with the 4/4 structure – and in fact any kind of beats – entirely, instead focussing on the lush interplay of slowly rising strings and muffled piano.

EDIT: On digging a little deeper into this, I just discovered that it’s a reworking of Beethoven, which makes it the second Beethoven cover I’ve covered in a week, but as part of a completely different project. Has Beethoven just come out of copyright? Seems unlikely. Anywhere, here are a few words from the man himself (Christian, not Ludwig):

“Deutsche Grammophon invited me to listen to a number of historic recordings of Beethoven, shellac discs from the 20s. I have reworked four of the composer’s tracks for an upcoming EP called Parallels (Beethoven) and you can listen to the first single ‘Pastoral’ now.”