Amaarae – 3AM

It’s been a long old time since I was still up and about at 3AM , but I think I remember it: usually drunk passed wasted and towards a kinda weird sobriety, vaguely thinking about what I have to do the next day, surreptitiously checking to see just how ridiculous the surge prices are at the moment. And while I may be showing my age with a lot of this, and there have been moments I’ve been having the absolute time of my life at 3AM in an ohmygodIcan’tfuckingbelievehowgoodthistuneis way, I definitely don’t remember it being as chill or sexy a time as Amaarae is making it out to be. Maybe I need to get up and wander round the grainily-lit, deserted streets, or be trying to seduce someone (LOL!), but either way, this record is lush and I love it.